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HOME | CONTACT | REEL | EQUIPMENT | BLOG | PINBOARD | YOUTUBE | LINKEDIN | IMDB is a one stop shop for postproduction of features, documentaries, commercials, industrials, music videos and TV shows.
We take care of everything you need to get a project finished,
from helping you decide what format to shoot on, to finding an editor, composer, sound designer,
conforming and color correcting in any HD format, including RED.
We do motion graphics, title design, compositing, visual effects, 3D animation and DVD authoring.
You talk to us instead of talking to different people at multiple companies.
Tell us how much money & time you want to spend
and we'll provide you with a realistic schedule for your postproduction & delivery.

Need investors?
We've been very successful at editing pilots that attract funding.
Our trailer for peace by peace helped them raise money to finish their documentary and secure a deal with PBS.
The doc had its world premiere 10/30/03 at the United Nations.
One client, John-Luke Montias, has seen his first feature Bobby G Can't Swim appear in theaters all over the world. Review LA-Times
We just delivered his second film Off Jackson Avenue to the distibutor.

Looking to get up to speed quickly in Final Cut Pro or AVID? Are you a producer who wants to start editing? offers on-site training to individuals or groups.
Training can be conveniently scheduled to take place in offices, schools, and private homes.
Additionally, custom curricula can be created to address specific production needs and client requirements.

Filmstudents: our vendors are student friendly. Talk to them direct to get extra discounts.


Andrew Berends
Michael Blackwood
Stephanie Capparell
Ryan Deussing
Stephen Earnhart
Debra Eisenstadt
Kim Fields
Michael Laurence
John-Luke Montias
Ton Vriens
Jeff Winner
Tom Zuber
Summer-joy Main
Louie DeVito


Ogilvy & Mather
Gotham Pictures
Michael Blackwood Productions
Euro Vision
Comedy Central
Richter Productions
Insight Research Group
Visible World

Your Editspecialists are:

Michiel Pilgram (picture/sound editor, finisher)
Andrew Berends (picture editor, producer, director)
Jeff Winner (picture editor)
Gregory L. Speed (picture editor)
Jed Parker (creative editor)
Rob Issen
(Writer/Producer/Creative Director)
Sally Rowe (Producer/Director)
Chen Harpaz (sound editor/mixer)
John Davis (composer/sound designer/mixer)
Jami Boud (graphic designer, motion graphics, After Effects)
Tim Brandwijk (composer/sound designer)
Ed Tomney (composer)
Franky DiDonato (composer)
Jason Chandler (composer, mastering mixer)


John M Davis (sound recording, editing, mixing)
Broadway sound (sound recording, editing, mixing)
Broadway video (video finishing SD & HD, duplication)
Orbit digital (AVID + Symphonty rentals)
Vertigopower (sound recording, editing, mixing)
MPE (avid rentals from offline AVBV systems to symphony's networked with unity)
Goldcrest post (off & online avid editing, sound mixing, symphony, unity, digibeta)
Red car (avid, smoke editing, flame compositing hi-end commercial shop)
Digit audio Inc. (sound recording, editing, mixing)
Earthvideo (steadycam, finalcut online)
Outpost Digital (final cut rentals off & on-line)
Edgeworx (High-end finishing)
Guarsh (final cut rentals, sound mixing, music recording, dvd/cd mastering)
Diskmakers (DVD and CD duplication/replication, production)
Offhollywood Digital (SD & HD finishing, RED rentals)
Hello world communications (DVD authoring, AVID, FCP editing & finishing, duplication & standards conversion)
GRS Systems (Alchemist Platinum, the best standards converter, MPEG encoding, duplication)
Audio plus Video International (DVD authoring ,standards conversion, SD & HD finishing, Soundmixing)
Technicolor New York (film dailies, prints, DI)
DuArt (film dailies, prints, film to tape, tape to film, negative matching)
Metropolis Film Lab (Blow-up, Scratch Color correct, DI)

Ripple Training(Final Cut Pro, Shake, LiveType, Soundtrack, DVD Studio Pro)
Total Training (InDesign, Illustrator, LiveMotion, Premiere, After Effects)
Russell Brown (Photoshop)
Manhattan Edit Workshop (a full range of certified courses and hands-on training)

cybermotion (website of after effects guru's Trish & Chris Meyer
whose books "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects are considered by many to be the bible in its field) (a Final Cut Pro guru who has the best articles on the web)
Benjamin Hershleder's AVID tips & tricks (fantastic advice help and more) (an AVID guru with great independent articles and tips) (the user forums are very useful to get new ideas or to figure out problems) (stay up to date with the latest developments/problems with your favorite program) (best resume's on the web, use it to figure out if a person that you want to hire, is for real)

Links to independent, "art," and foreign language film distributors


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