Sample Level Audio Editing Mode in Premiere CC

By following these steps you create a “sample level edit mode” in Premiere CC.
You only want to be in this mode for precise audio edits. In this mode a 25th or 30th of a second is huge, it is like putting a microscope on the audio, the picture usually doesn’t even move!

1. Go into keyboard shortcuts >search for “time unit” and give all the “show audio time unit displays” the same shortcut (I did F10)


2. Focus the timeline panel and click your new shortcut.
3. Right click the timecode display and make sure it’s on samples.
prem-show samples
4. Now you can toggle with your new shortcut between sample & frame editing using all the normal controls.
in/out, zoom, rubber banding, keyframes etc. It works on both Source and Program side because you made all panels switch with your new shortcut.
Space will still playback, but that’s about the only navigation key still working normal.