R&E Premiere Workflow 1.0

1. Check UNC pathsSequence settings & Preferences
These are WNET specific instructions for the systems that we use.
2. Install P2 viewer and Sony Clip Browser on all non-premiere systems to enable them to screen raw footage.
3. Prepare Folder structure
Use the usual procedure to generate folders for your package on re_edit, Ingest and output. 
4. Prepare media
All media will be handled native, no transcoding.
Transfer complete card, .mov or .mpeg files to designated folder in re_ingest in the package’s folder.
Create separate folders for each card.
Create folder: “20150803cam-1_whitehouse” and copy from card reader or HD
Create folder “20150803cam-1_whitehouse” and copy from card reader or HD
5. Start Premiere by double-clicking the Template project, then do Save-As on re_edit in the package’s folder.
6. Import all footage using the Media Browser from within Premiere.
7. Edit
8. Export, File>Export Media, use the saved setting for DVCPRO-HD.