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We are working with computers connected to other computers, manipulating hundreds of files, to eventually end up with one show file. Computers and software are a moving target, constantly being updated and improved.
As a producer, you have to learn about the kinks. Which workflow fits my project? What camera should I use? Which file format?
Staying current with technology is easier than ever, from instructional YouTube videos, to courses on, the resources are endless.
This website helps you learn Premiere and more, with Links, PDF’s, Quizzes, video’s and Articles.

Resources at WNET on Post Storage:
-PDF manuals, Tutorial videos, PDF book.
-Watch the Lumetri panel video’s

Guidelines shooting and editing projects for WNET 2016.
Fix it in Production, not Post!
How to make your video editor happier

How do I speed up rendering, exporting, or encoding?
Premiere’s most talked about features
New to Premiere Pro CC? start here with ADOBE TV
or start here with
Migrating from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CC

Learn about other upcoming changes in the way we work.
Examining Noteworthy Innovations in Production & Post
Leading the Four Generations at Work
Communicating how to do what you do
A Sea Change in Enterprise IT

Computer Skills
Good Computer Habits
Computer Skills Mac
Computer Literacy Mac
Computer Literacy Windows
Meeting the Challenge of Digital Transformation

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