Off The Clock

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Learn something off the clock every day!
Watch a tutorial like: Dropping a Shadow on a Mask or one from “You Suck At Photoshop
or an Premiere tutorial from ChinFat
Then practice that thing with your own footage.

Do some Timeline Gymnastics.

do a quiz
Adobe Premiere Pro CC Flashcards
Intro Pr
Online Color Challenge
Pr Quiz 1
Pr Quiz 2





mx200Premiere doesn’t like to be connected to lots of files in multiple network locations! Improve performance 1000% by working local.

Project, Media Caches and Media. That’s what sound mixers do in ProTools; work local, move final files over network.
Copy the media from the server to a USB-3 SSD (1TB Crucial=$300)
It takes about 1 hour to copy 1TB from the server, easy to relink back to the server.
As a bonus have an SSD as your Media Cache drive. Then you can move around and not have to re-cache the waveform files.
Pay attention to the drive letters. On our systems the first external drive always comes up as (F:) Because the internal media drive is (D:) The DVD is (E:) The second external drive comes up as (H:). So plug them in, in the right order, you can not change the drive letters because you are not administrator.


PLURA1of3Plura monitor settings to match brightness & contrast of the Panasonic:
Brightness 5, Contrast 10, Color 0, Sharpness 20, Tint 0. Don’t change any other settings.





New 90% title save area’s for 4×3 & 16×9
Endorsed by Kerry, Brian W. and Daena.
Put in your General Project settings to reflect the “new” (since 2010) 90% Title safe settings.
They are 33, 10, 10, 10.
After putting in those numbers, simply go the the Program monitor’s Wrench and turn on Safe Margins. No more fiddling with buttons on broadcast monitor or messing with overlay files. Also shows in Title Tool.

Make Windows explorer work a little more like the Mac.WIN-folder-option