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Summer 16
Mike’s Summer tips

Avoid losing your render files.
10 features in premiere every video editor should know

May 16
Premiere workflow from import to export in 5 steps.
On-lineing in Premiere
Transcode or not? All about bit depth
Fix it in production, not Post!
Guidelines shooting and editing projects for WNET 2016.
What’s Coming Next in Adobe Premiere Pro in 2016?

April 16
I started a DIY Page with tips for the editor or producer who wants to go home on time, instead of waiting for Premiere.
mx200Premiere doesn’t like to be connected to lots of files in multiple network locations! Improve performance 1000% by working local.
Project, Media Caches and Media. That’s what sound mixers and designers do; Work local, move final files over network.
Copy the media from the server to a USB-3 SSD (1TB Crucial=$300)
It takes about 1 hour to copy 1TB from the server, easy to relink back to the server.
As a bonus have an SSD as your Media Cache drive. Then you can move around and not have to re-cache the waveform files.
Pay attention to the drive letters. On our systems the first external drive always comes up as (F:) Because the internal media drive is (D:) The DVD is (E:) The second external drive comes up as (H:). So plug them in, in the right order, you can not change the drive letters because you are not administrator.
Preventing mistakes
App linking updated
7 places alter behavior of Premiere

Resources at WNET on Post Storage here:
-PDF manuals, Tutorial videos, PDF book.
-Watch the Lumetri panel video’s

March 16
How do I speed up rendering, exporting, or encoding?
Stop using Quicktime on PC

February 16
Week in Premiere

January 16
The 2016 Premiere Pro Resource Guide
Default Keyboard shortcuts onesheet PDF

XML from FCP7 to Premiere
App linking the right way
Sequence settings & Preferences
Create fully qualified UNC file paths in WIN
All about Pr Media Cache Files
Updating and backing up project files: best practices
Moving elements between projects
No More Animation codec in 2015
How to use templates in Premiere Pro
Finding stuff in you Project
Using multi-cam for dual system sound
Sample Level Audio Editing
Manually copy keyboard shortcuts between computers
10 Lesser Known Keyboard Shortcuts for Premiere Pro CC 2014
26 Simple Tricks For Faster Editing (Premiere Pro CC)
Practical Premiere Pro Tips You Can Start Using Right Now!
Audio mapping for lazy people
Utilising LUTs in Premiere Pro CC 2015
Tips, tricks and troubleshooting notes are on the Editors page.

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