TV Multi-Cam Edit 2018

I’m assuming that you have all cameras and a line-cut loaded.
These files should either have matching TC or a common sound source for waveform syncing.
You’ll need Premiere 2017 or 2018 and free Resolve 15
1. In Resolve, open a new empty project (format can be anything)resolve-scene-cut-detect
2. On the Media page, browse to the line-cut, right-click and choose> Scene Cut Detection.
3. Click >Auto Scene Detect.
4. When detection is done > Add Cuts to Media Pool and close Scene Detect window.
5. With all the clips still selected >right click any one of them>Create New Timeline from selected clips>keep defaults>hit OK.
If you get the different rate question> Change.
7. Switch to the Edit page (the timeline should be loaded)
8. Delete all audio tracks.
9. File>Export>AAF,XMLresolve-save-xml2
Choose XML (2nd from top) for Premiere or AAF for Avid.
10. In Premiere import all clips.
11. Super tip >CMD/CTRL-click clips in the order that you want them to work as a Multi-Clip:
So if you want: Line-cut, Cam-3(host), Cam-2(guest1), Cam-5(guest2), etc.
CMD/CTRL-click them in that order! (Thank you Dana)
12. With all the clips still selected >right click any one of them >Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence.
13. Use your favorite syncing method.
14. Make a new sequence matching your footage’s format.
15. Add the Multi-Clip.
16. Double match frame the Line-Cut and add just the audio to the timeline replacing the green Multi-Clip audio. (check sync).
17. If there is ISO audio available from the camera angles.
Cut them in for easy access during the edit.
Use Mono Tracks if sources are Mono and cut into Mono Tracks, not Standard Tracks. Audio on timeline should be blue for better playback performance.
18. Import the XML from Resolve (no need to link media) and cut onto another video track. Check to make sure XML cuts line up with the cuts on the
19. keyboard-mashingMap Add-Edit to Shift+Right cursor button on Keyboard.
20. Turn on only the multi-cam video Track-Light>V1
21. Keep holding SHIFT> keyboard-mash: Right-Arrow & Down-Arrow.
This way you’ll create cuts matching the XML from above into the Multi-Cam.
22. Delete the XML.
23. Toggle Multi-Cam view (Shift+zero)
24. Switch all cuts to their corresponding ISO’s.
Do this by using the shortcuts on the keyboard for each angle 1-9.
The end result is a single video track, matching the Line-Cut with all the ISO’s cut in.

25. Edit the show.
26. When on-lining apply effects to all instances of a clip.

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