Mike’s Premiere tips summer 2016

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-Add the Transform effect to Adjustment layer as alternative to nesting a group of pictures with a move.


stacking-orderDid you know:
In Premiere and After Effects layers/effects on the timeline. The bottom layer is rendered/processed first.
In effect controls (of one layer), processing order is top to bottom!

For example: the Video Limiter has to be on top in the timeline to be the last effect, but on the bottom in effect controls.

See this Adobe post about render order.

Super useful: Video & Audio Usage columns. Right-click on column in Project window> Premiere Pro Project Metadata> Check> Video Usage & Audio Usage.
Amazing for times when you want to figure out which pictures or music files you used and how many times. It even lets you right-click, open the Sequence and cues up the blue-line at the clip! Good stuff Adobe.




Find all clips and sequences in a project
By typing “seq” or “clip” in the search box.
It conveniently twirls down all folders showing sequences or clips.









Alt-drag markers to stretch them out.

Add source TC and Clipname to screeners.

-File>New>Transparent Video
-Add the Transparent Video on an empty track in the sequence.
-Add>Effects>Video>Clipname & Timecode to the Transparent Video
-in the effect controls choose the track of which you want to read the information.
-in above clip I also selected the Sequence TC burn in on export.
This kind of screener is very useful for picking clips from a lot of raw footage or for precise screening notes.

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