AVCHD bug Premiere

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There is a known bug with AVCHD that causes audio to drop out in the middle of a clip in Premiere.
It looks like the file is corrupt. even when you match-frame, the audio drops out. But the files are fine.
Read this Adobe advice on importing AVCHD footage.
Sometimes when you bring in a lot of files using Media Browser you still get it.
Here is my workaround

  1. Bring files in with Media Browser
  2. If a file’s audio cuts out on a certain clip
  3. put that clip in the timeline
  4. right-click and reveal in Explorer/Finder
  5. select the file below (usually one number up)
  6. import that file instead, by dragging into project window (not using media browser)
  7. replace the buggy file
  8. if it doesn’t work, use the next one or the one below. Keep trying until it does.

Something is going wrong reading the audio stream of that part of the AVCHD file.
Picking another “virtual” part of the stream fixes the bug.
This also works when a project is already edited. In that case use replace edit to swap the file out on the timeline.

To avoid this problem with the Canon C100, set format to MP4 instead of AVCHD.

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